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Beyond a band, ​your emergency ​voice

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In critical situations where time is of the essence, quickly ​accessing medical information can be life-saving.

For individuals with specific medical conditions or those ​engaging in activities like hiking, traveling, or sports, where they ​might be at risk of accidents or health issues, Life ID provides a ​layer of safety, ensuring their critical information is always on ​hand.

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Life ID's Best ​Features


Enables fast access to ​critical medical data during ​emergencies.


Allows first responders to easily ​contact emergency contacts.


Enhances overall community ​safety by facilitating rapid ​response in emergencies

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How Life ID works

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Download the Life ID

app from your app



Register a user account


Create your profile

with your personal, ​contact, and medical ​information


Purchase and link a Life ID ​wristband to your profile ​to be identifiable

The Life ID wristband contains a near-field communication (NFC) chip. The Life ID app is used to scan a users wristband and ​present the users details in the event of an emergency.

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Benefits of

Life ID

  • First responders (community members, paramedics, ​volunteers) can identify individuals in the event of an ​emergency.

  • In the case of a person requiring hospitalisation, paramedics ​can call in the individual’s medical details and provide the ​hospital with medical aid details.

  • Lost children or elderly family members can be identified by ​any member of the community by scanning their LifeID ​wristband.

  • Emergency service contact details are speed dials from ​within the application.

Say hello to our partners

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LifeID started with the community in mind and to ​support this value, a percentage of our revenue is ​donated to CANSA.

Life ID is an official partner of the Muddy Princess ​events countrywide.

Medguys is an accomplished and proficient team ​that offers distinctive executive medical solutions ​for event portfolios. Their services encompass ​Executive Medical Services, Event Medical ​Services, Event Legal compliance, Event Safety ​and Security, First Aid Training, and purchases of ​First Aid Kits and Medical Consumables.


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